150+ Trending Tags for YouTube Shorts For Different Niches and Use Cases

tags for youtube shorts

In my journey through the world of YouTube blogs and Shorts, I’ve learned that hashtags aren’t just fancy labels — they’re my content’s best friends.

Think of them as your very own digital cheerleaders, hyping your video from the sidelines right into the limelight.

Just like a secret handshake grants you access to an exclusive club.

A hashtag can make all the difference between your creative spark being that firework that lights up the YouTube sky.

So, as we explore the magic of YouTube Shorts hashtags, remember, they’re not just tags; they’re your golden ticket to the show where everyone’s watching.

Why Do YouTube Hashtags Matter?

In fact, leveraging hashtags can enhance content discoverability, with Shorts featuring well-chosen hashtags experiencing a substantial boost in views.

It’s much less of a hashtag and more of a spotlight looking at your videos, magically making them visible.

It’s almost like hanging a big billboard right on the internet highway and shouting, “Look over here!”

And so, with the right kind of hashtags, you can reel in newer viewers to your video, categorize your content better for sorting, and make your videos easily discoverable as search results.

Imagine your video as a needle in a haystack; hashtags are the magnet pulling viewers’ eyes directly to your creation.

The trick is to balance being broad enough to attract a wide audience but specific enough to reach those genuinely interested in what you’re sharing.

It’s about finding that sweet spot where your content’s uniqueness meets viewers’ curiosity.

And it’s not just about slapping on any hashtag.

The strategic use of hashtags can significantly boost views by making your content more discoverable and categorizing it effectively to reach the right audience.

Top Trending YouTube Shorts Hashtags for Different Niches

1. Food YouTube Shorts Hashtags

Food YouTube Shorts are sure to engage and entice.

I’ve found the top 10 food-related hashtags to sprinkle all over your content.

Food YouTube Shorts Hashtags

With these tags, your delicious creations are going to make it to the plates of food lovers everywhere:

  • #FoodieGram – Tell about your approach to plating and everything else that defines you in a big world of food and food appreciation.
  • #CookingShow – Share your magic with the audience behind the cooking process.
  • #HealthyRecipes – Get into the ever-growing trend of health-conscious eating and appeal to those looking for nutritious alternatives.
  • #FoodPorn – Show off the delicious appeal of your culinary masterpieces, leaving them seriously wanting more.
  • #Delicious – This simple yet powerful hashtag speaks volumes in promising the taste buds a delightful adventure.
  • #TasteTheWorld – As dishes can be inspired by the existing cuisines around the world, take your viewers on a joy ride across the globe in terms of food.
  • #KitchenHacks – Share useful tips and tricks to make cooking easier and fun while adding value to every viewer’s kitchen skills.
  • #EatingForTheInsta – Max out on all the visual power of social media by creating content that’s as pretty as it is scrumptious.
  • #HomeChef – Celebrate home cooking and connect with viewers who take pride in preparing meals at home and for loved ones.
  • #RecipeShare – Encourage viewers to share recipes for community building and interaction.

These hashtags are the secret ingredients for a successful YouTube Short recipe.

Remember, with the right mix, a very simple video can turn into a feast for the eyes of all the food lovers across the YouTube universe.

2. Beauty YouTube Shorts Hashtags

The hashtags you use are an essential part of creating beauty YouTube Shorts.

They will not only help you increase your discoverability on the platform but will also reach an audience who are interested in various beauty hacks, current beauty trends, and makeovers.

Here are 10 hashtags you should include in order to bring attention to and magnify your beauty content:

  • #BeautyHacks – Show off smart beauty tips and tricks with practical advice and wise solutions.
  • #FashionStyle – Show the relation between beauty and style to let the fashionistas know how makeup and fashion are really a match for each other.
  • #MakeupTutorials – Provide people with step-by-step guides on how to do their makeup; this is for everyday and special occasions.
  • #LuxuryLifestyle – Associate the content with the beauty routine and the appeal of a luxurious lifestyle.
  • #BeautyGuru – Let others know you’re a pro at everything related to beauty, tips, and knowledge sharing.
  • #GlamMakeup – Share dramatic glam makeup looks that are inspiring and mesmerizing.
  • #SkincareRoutine – Share skincare secrets to maintain perfect, healthy skin.
  • #BeautyReview – Provide honest beauty product reviews to the audience so that they decide to purchase with good insight.
  • #CosmeticArtistry – Share your creative makeup application skills to show off the art side of beauty.
  • #TrendingBeauty – Stick to the topic of your content; use the hottest beauty trends or revelations to tag it.

These hashtags will categorize the content appropriately for those interested in beauty, and you’ll remain in touch with a beauty-obsessed community, forwarding views, likes, and shares.

3. Fashion YouTube Shorts Hashtags

When creating any YouTube Short focusing on fashion, with the right hashtags in place, you can connect with an audience who are so keen on the latest trends, styling tips, and insights on best in apparel design.

These are the 10 hashtags that will make your forward-in-fashion content strut down the digital runway:

  • #FashionStyle – A soft but effective tag to describe all classes of people’s relationship to style, from casual to haute couture.
  • #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) – Engage the audience with a daily killer look that will surely inspire personal style choices.
  • #FashionTrends – Keep your content relevant by tapping into the latest fashion movements and seasonal styles.
  • #StreetStyle – Highlight the eclectic and ever-evolving world of street fashion, offering real-world inspiration.
  • #Fashionista – For content that revolves around living and breathing fashion, appealing to the dedicated fashion enthusiast.
  • #LuxuryFashion – Make your content elite with high-end brands and luxury wear to reach aspirational viewers.
  • #SustainableFashion – Show you wear eco-friendly brands and appreciate the fashion that is sustainable to reach an aware audience.
  • #FashionWeek – Link your content to the multiple fashion weeks around the world, giving insights, trends, and what’s fresh off the runway.
  • #VintageFashion – Travel down the lane of memory; access the nostalgia and age-old charm of vintage styles that resonate with classic fashion lovers.
  • #FashionBlogger – Become an influencer in the world of offering fashion advice, reviews, and lifestyle content, building a community around your fashion content.

These hashtags are your front-row tickets to the fashion show that is YouTube Shorts. By strategically using them, you can ensure your fashion content is seen by those who share your passion and enthusiasm for all things stylish.

4. Education YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For an education-focused YouTube Short, the right hashtags can elevate your content, reaching learners, educators, and enthusiasts passionate about knowledge expansion and skill development.

Here are 10 hashtags to make your educational content more visible and impactful:

  • #LearnFromHome – Reaches out to the remote learning community, bringing resources and support around home-based education.
  • #Education – A broad, all-encompassing hashtag that tags your content as educational to attract a wide audience interested in learning.
  • #Tutorial – Use for content designed to give a step-by-step guide or advice on how to accomplish a specific task or learn a skill.
  • #SkillShare – Community-driven learning where people exchange skills and knowledge freely.
  • #HowTo – Perfect for educational content that focuses on teaching viewers how to do something specific.
  • #OnlineLearning – Tags your content as part of the vast world of e-learning, appealing to digital natives and remote students.
  • #StudyTips – Offers advice on studying more effectively, appealing to students looking to improve their academic performance.
  • #EduTok – Leverages a popular tag from another platform to attract viewers interested in quick, informative content.
  • #LearningIsFun – Videos on how learning makes anything fun, thus capturing the attention of people who would like to learn things entertainingly.
  • #KnowledgeIsPower – Highlights the value of education and learning, and promotes self-improvement and empowerment.

By using these hashtags, your reach on YouTube Shorts may well multiply, thus bringing to your channel broad, interested audiences who are on YouTube to learn, grow, and get inspired.

5. Gadgets and Tech YouTube Shorts Hashtags

When you make a YouTube Short focused on technology, the right hashtags make a huge difference in visibility and connecting with other tech enthusiasts, professionals, and gadget lovers.

Here are 10 hashtags tailored to supercharge your tech posts:

  • #TechNews – Keep people posted on all the new things coming up regarding development and breakthroughs in the tech space.
  • #GadgetLove – Content for everyone who loves gadgets and technology.
  • #Innovation – Any content about innovation, which is pretty new and breakthrough technology coming out with solutions in the technology space.
  • #TechTips – Share helpful advice, hacks, and tips for navigating tech challenges or making the most of technology.
  • #Gizmos – A playful yet relevant tag for showcasing cool and interesting tech gadgets.
  • #ArtificialIntelligence or #AI – Tag content that delves into AI advancements, applications, and implications.
  • #SmartHome – For content focused on home automation technology and smart home gadgets.
  • #TechReviews – Use this tag for videos that provide analyses and opinions on the latest technology products.
  • #Coding – Perfect for tutorials, tips, or discussions about programming and software development.
  • #FutureTech – Engage viewers interested in futuristic technology and speculative tech innovations on the horizon.

These hashtags in your YouTube Shorts will categorize your content effectively, ensuring it reaches those with a keen interest in technology and innovation.

6. Gaming YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short centered around gaming, the right hashtags can connect your content with gamers, streamers, and fans eager for gameplay, reviews, and gaming culture. Here are 10 hashtags designed to level up your gaming-related content:

  • #GamerLife – Captures the lifestyle and daily experiences of gamers, resonating with a broad gaming community.
  • #VideoGames – A broad tag that encompasses all content related to gaming across all platforms.
  • #Gameplay – Perfect for content showcasing game mechanics, strategies, or playthroughs of specific titles.
  • #GamingCommunity – Connects your content with the larger network of gamers on YouTube, fostering a sense of belonging and shared interest.
  • #GamerNation – A fun and inclusive tag for engaging with gamers globally, highlighting the unity in gaming.
  • #LiveGaming – Tailored for content featuring live streams or highlights from live gaming sessions.
  • #Esports – Tag your content with this to dive into competitive gaming, tournaments, and professional play.
  • #RetroGaming – Appeals to nostalgia and the love for classic games and consoles from past decades.
  • #GameReview – Use this for videos that critique, analyze, or provide opinions on video games.
  • #NextGenGaming – Focuses on the latest in gaming technology, new console releases, and future game titles.

Integrating these hashtags in your YouTube Shorts can significantly enhance your content’s discoverability, connecting you with viewers who share your passion for gaming.

7. Sketches and Comedy YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short focused on comedy, the right hashtags will attract audiences looking for a good laugh. Here are 10 hashtags tailored to boost your comedic content:

  • #FunnyVideos – A broad tag that signals your content is meant to entertain and amuse, attracting viewers seeking laughter.
  • #Hilarious – Highlights content that is exceptionally funny, setting expectations high for a good laugh.
  • #Comedy – A straightforward tag that categorizes your video within the comedy genre on YouTube.
  • #LaughOutLoud – Invites viewers to enjoy content that promises to make them laugh out loud.
  • #Jokes – Perfect for shorts that focus on punchlines, stand-up bits, or humorous anecdotes.
  • #SketchComedy – Use this for videos featuring scripted comedy sketches or scenes.
  • #ImprovComedy – Highlights content based on improvisational comedy, showcasing spontaneous and unscripted performances.
  • #ComedyShorts – Specifically tailored for short-form comedic content on YouTube Shorts.
  • #FunnyMoments – Captures those unexpected, candid moments that are naturally humorous.
  • #StandUpComedy – A great tag for content featuring stand-up comedy routines or highlights.

By adding these hashtags to your YouTube Shorts, you can effectively categorize your content, making it easier for comedy enthusiasts to discover and enjoy your humorous creations.

8. Vlogging YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short centered around vlogging, the right hashtags can help share your daily adventures, thoughts, and experiences with a wider audience. Here are 10 hashtags designed to elevate your vlogging content:

  • #Vlog – A straightforward and effective hashtag to categorize your video as a vlog.
  • #DailyVlog – Ideal for content that captures day-to-day activities and experiences, appealing to viewers interested in routine insights.
  • #LifeInADay – Offers a glimpse into the vlogger’s life, inviting viewers to see the world through your eyes.
  • #BehindTheScenes – Provides a peek into what goes on behind the camera, adding depth to your content.
  • #VloggerLife – Shares the lifestyle and reality of being a vlogger, connecting with other content creators and fans.
  • #TravelVlog – Perfect for vlogs that focus on travel and exploration, appealing to viewers bitten by the travel bug.
  • #FoodVlog – Tailored for vlogs that explore culinary adventures, from cooking at home to dining out.
  • #FitnessVlog – Connects with an audience interested in health, wellness, and fitness journeys.
  • #TechVlog – For vlogs that delve into gadgets, technology updates, and reviews, attracting tech enthusiasts.
  • #VlogSeries – Use this for episodic content, helping viewers follow along with ongoing stories or themes.

Incorporating these hashtags into your YouTube Shorts can significantly improve your vlogs’ visibility, connecting you with audiences eager to dive into your content and follow your journey.

9. Animals and Pets YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short focused on pets, leveraging the right hashtags can connect your furry, feathered, or scaled friends with animal lovers around the world. Here are 10 hashtags designed to make your pet-centric content more discoverable and engaging:

  • #CutePets – A must-use hashtag for any pet video, emphasizing the adorable factor that viewers love.
  • #PetLife – Showcases the day-to-day life of pets, from napping to playing, appealing to viewers interested in animal behavior.
  • #AnimalLovers – Connects your content with a broad audience of users who adore animals of all kinds.
  • #PetsOfYouTube – A community-driven tag that helps categorize your content within the pet niche on YouTube.
  • #FurryFriends – Ideal for content featuring pets with fur, highlighting moments of friendship and companionship.
  • #PetCareTips – Share valuable advice on pet health, grooming, and well-being, attracting pet owners seeking guidance.
  • #AdoptDontShop – Supports pet adoption and rescue, resonating with viewers who advocate for animal welfare.
  • #PetTraining – For content focused on training tips and tricks, appealing to viewers looking to educate their pets.
  • #PetsOfInstagram – Although primarily used on Instagram, this tag can attract viewers familiar with pet content on other platforms.
  • #AnimalRescue – Highlights stories of pet rescue and adoption, engaging viewers passionate about animal rights and welfare.

Using these hashtags in your YouTube Shorts will not only categorize your content effectively but also increase its visibility to pet enthusiasts, making your adorable pet videos a hit among viewers who can’t get enough of animal content.

10. Sport and Fitness YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short centered around sports, using targeted hashtags can connect your content with sports fans, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Here are 10 hashtags designed to boost visibility and engagement for your sports-related content:

  • #SportsLife – Captures the essence of being deeply involved in sports, whether as an athlete, coach, or fervent supporter.
  • #FitFam – Connects with viewers who are passionate about fitness and sports as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • #WorkoutMotivation – Inspires viewers to get active and engage in physical activities, perfect for content that encourages viewers to push their limits.
  • #AthleteLife – Shares insights into the daily life of athletes, including training, competitions, and behind-the-scenes moments.
  • #TeamSpirit – Highlights the camaraderie and unity found in team sports, resonating with viewers who love the community aspect of sports.
  • #ExtremeSports – For content focused on high-adrenaline and extreme sports, appealing to thrill-seekers and adventure sports enthusiasts.
  • #SportsTraining – Offers tips, techniques, and training methods for various sports, appealing to viewers looking to improve their skills.
  • #SportsHighlights – Showcases the most exciting and memorable moments in sports, drawing in fans looking to relive the action.
  • #ChampionMindset – Focuses on the mental aspect of sports, including motivation, resilience, and the psychological preparation of athletes.
  • #GameDay – Evokes the excitement and anticipation of sports events, whether it’s a local match or a major league game.

Incorporating these hashtags into your YouTube Shorts can help ensure your content reaches those with a passion for sports, fostering a deeper connection with your audience through shared interests and enthusiasm for athleticism and physical achievement.

11. Traveling YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short focused on travel, relevant hashtags will connect you with wanderlust-filled viewers eager for adventure, exploration, and cultural experiences. Here are 10 hashtags tailored to bring your travel content to the forefront:

  • #TravelTheWorld – A universal tag that evokes the spirit of adventure and global exploration.
  • #AdventureTime – Captures the excitement and thrill of embarking on new journeys.
  • #GlobeTrotter – For content that showcases extensive travel and experiences across different cultures and locations.
  • #TravelCommunity – Connects your videos with a network of travelers, sharing tips, stories, and inspiration.
  • #RoadTrip – Ideal for content focused on exploring destinations by road, highlighting scenic routes and roadside attractions.
  • #CityExplore – Showcases the exploration of urban environments, from bustling cities to hidden gems.
  • #NatureTravel – Focuses on travel content that explores natural wonders, outdoor activities, and ecotourism.
  • #TravelVlog – A direct tag for personal travel diaries, offering viewers a window into your travel experiences.
  • #HiddenGems – Reveals lesser-known destinations, encouraging viewers to explore beyond the tourist trail.
  • #CulturalJourney – Highlights the exploration of different cultures, traditions, and local lifestyles.

Incorporating these hashtags into your YouTube Shorts can significantly increase your content’s visibility to those bitten by the travel bug, inviting viewers to vicariously explore the world through your lens.

12. DIY and Crafts YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short focused on DIY and crafts, selecting the right hashtags can dramatically increase your visibility and connect you with a community passionate about creating, upcycling, and personalizing. Here are 10 hashtags designed to showcase your DIY and crafts content:

  • #DIYProjects – A versatile tag that appeals to viewers interested in all types of DIY endeavors, from home improvement to creative crafts.
  • #CraftingIdeas – Ideal for sharing innovative crafting concepts, inspiring viewers to try new techniques and projects.
  • #HomeDecor – Connects your content with viewers looking to beautify their living spaces with handmade items.
  • #Upcycling – Appeals to environmentally conscious viewers interested in transforming old items into something new and beautiful.
  • #HandmadeCrafts – Highlights the unique and personal touch of handcrafted items, appealing to those who value craftsmanship.
  • #ArtAndCraft – A broad tag that encompasses a wide range of creative activities, appealing to a diverse audience.
  • #CreativeDIY – Showcases your most innovative and creative projects, inspiring viewers to think outside the box.
  • #CraftSupplies – Useful for content focusing on the tools and materials needed for crafting, from basic to specialty items.
  • #Scrapbooking – Targets enthusiasts of this popular hobby, focusing on preserving memories through decorative journaling.
  • #MakerMovement – Connects with the larger community of makers who value creativity, learning, and sharing through making.

Using these hashtags in your YouTube Shorts will not only help categorize your content effectively but also enhance its discoverability among DIY enthusiasts and crafters looking for inspiration and ideas.

13. Art YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short focused on art and design, leveraging the right hashtags can significantly enhance your content’s visibility, connecting you with audiences passionate about creativity, aesthetics, and innovation. Here are 10 hashtags tailored to spotlight your art and design-focused content:

  • #ArtLovers – Connects your videos with viewers who have a deep appreciation for art in all its forms.
  • #DesignIdeas – Perfect for content that provides inspiration or showcases innovative design concepts.
  • #CreativeExpression – Highlights the unique and personal aspects of creating art, appealing to viewers interested in the artistic process.
  • #ArtGallery – Positions your content as a virtual gallery, showcasing artwork that could hang on any wall.
  • #MuseumLove – For content that explores or is inspired by the world of museums, appealing to cultural enthusiasts.
  • #Painting – Specifically targets lovers of this medium, whether your content focuses on traditional or digital painting techniques.
  • #Sculpture – Ideal for showcasing three-dimensional art, whether in clay, metal, or other materials.
  • #Illustration – Connects with audiences interested in drawings, character design, and illustrated storytelling.
  • #ModernArt – Targets viewers who are intrigued by contemporary art styles and concepts.
  • #ArtTutorial – Offers guidance and tips for aspiring artists, covering various techniques and mediums.

Incorporating these hashtags into your YouTube Shorts can greatly improve your content’s reach, inviting viewers to explore the depth and breadth of the art and design world through your creative lens.

14. Parenting YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short focused on parenting, the right hashtags can connect your content with a community of parents, caregivers, and educators looking for advice, support, and shared experiences. Here are 10 hashtags designed to elevate your parenting-focused content:

  • #ParentingTips – Share valuable advice and insights on raising children, appealing to new and experienced parents alike.
  • #MomLife or #DadLife – Connect with mothers and fathers by sharing the joys, challenges, and everyday moments of parenting.
  • #FamilyFirst – Highlights the importance of family, ideal for content that showcases family activities, bonding, and values.
  • #ParentingHacks – Offer clever shortcuts and strategies to make the parenting journey smoother.
  • #RaisingKids – Focus on the challenges and rewards of parenting, from toddlers to teens.
  • #ChildDevelopment – Share content focused on the psychological, emotional, and educational growth of children.
  • #BusyParents – Offer solutions and tips for parents juggling the demands of family life with other responsibilities.
  • #PositiveParenting – Promote parenting approaches that focus on positive reinforcement and nurturing.
  • #FamilyFun – Showcase activities, games, and adventures that families can enjoy together.
  • #ParentingSupport – Create a sense of community and offer support for parents navigating the complexities of raising children.

Using these hashtags in your YouTube Shorts can help ensure your content reaches those interested in parenting, fostering a supportive and engaged community around family life and child-rearing.

15. Health and Wellness YouTube Shorts Hashtags

For a YouTube Short focused on health and wellness, the right hashtags can connect your content with audiences seeking guidance, inspiration, and information on living a healthier lifestyle. Here are 10 hashtags designed to spotlight your health and wellness content:

  • #HealthTips – Offers practical advice for maintaining physical and mental well-being.
  • #WellnessJourney – Shares personal or guided journeys toward better health, resonating with viewers on similar paths.
  • #FitnessMotivation – Inspires viewers to stay active and pursue their fitness goals.
  • #HealthyEating – Focuses on nutritional advice, recipes, and tips for a balanced diet.
  • #MentalWellness – Highlights the importance of mental health, offering support and resources for mental well-being.
  • #SelfCare – Promotes practices that encourage self-love, relaxation, and stress reduction.
  • #YogaLife – Targets yoga enthusiasts with content on yoga practices, poses, and its benefits for physical and mental health.
  • #WorkoutFromHome – Offers fitness routines and exercises that viewers can do from the comfort of their homes.
  • #Mindfulness – Shares content on mindfulness practices, meditation, and living in the moment to improve mental health.
  • #HolisticHealth – Focuses on all-encompassing health approaches that integrate physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Incorporating these hashtags into your YouTube Shorts can greatly increase your content’s discoverability to those interested in health and wellness, fostering a community of viewers dedicated to improving their quality of life.

Best Practices for Selecting Effective Hashtags

Looking for the best hashtags can feel like trying to find the perfect spice blend for your favorite dish. You know it can elevate your meal (or, in this case, your content) to the next level, but where do you start? 

Well, just like in cooking, when it comes to selecting effective hashtags for your YouTube Shorts, it’s all about finding the right balance between relevance, popularity, and specificity.

First off, relevance is your foundation. Think of it as choosing ingredients that go well together. Your hashtags should directly relate to the content of your video. If you’re posting a travel vlog, #TravelTheWorld hits the spot, but #TechTips might leave your viewers scratching their heads.

Next, consider popularity. It’s like deciding between a widely loved spice and an obscure one that only a few appreciate. Popular hashtags have the power to expose your content to a broad audience, but they’re also highly competitive. Incorporating a mix of high-traffic tags like #FitnessMotivation and niche ones like #YogaLife can help you reach both wide and specific audiences.

Lastly, specificity is the secret sauce that makes your content stand out. It’s about finding those unique hashtags that precisely describe your video, like #VeganMealPrep for a plant-based cooking tutorial. Specific tags might have a smaller following, but they attract a highly engaged audience genuinely interested in your content.

Remember, the goal is to blend these elements harmoniously. Just like too much of one spice can overpower a dish, relying solely on popular hashtags might drown your content in a sea of millions. 

A dash of specificity and a spoonful of relevance will ensure your content reaches the right viewers, enhancing your visibility and engagement.

So, go ahead, mix and match your hashtags with confidence! 

By focusing on relevance, balancing popularity, and honing in on specificity, you’ll master the art of hashtagging and watch your YouTube Shorts flourish.


Jumping into making YouTube Shorts without using trending hashtags is like trying to find your way without a map. 

I’ve learned that these hashtags help get my clients’ videos in front of people who actually want to see them. 

They’re super important for anyone on YouTube wanting their videos seen by more eyes.

But here’s the deal, from what I’ve seen, there’s no secret recipe for picking the perfect hashtags. 

Trends change all the time.

That’s why I always try out different hashtags to see what sticks. 

So, I’d say go ahead and play around with your hashtags. 

Every video is a chance to try something new and see how it goes. 

My adventure with YouTube has taught me that the right hashtags really can make your video pop. 

Keep trying new things, keep track of what works, and here’s hoping you find the perfect mix of hashtags for your YouTube Shorts!

Anastasia Krivosheeva

Anastasia Krivosheeva brings her extensive expertise in strategic partnerships and co-marketing to Growth Folks as their dedicated Partnership Manager. With a sharp focus on fostering content partnerships, she orchestrates link building collaborations and other co-marketing activities to drive the company's growth forward. Her ability to cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships has made her an invaluable asset to the team. Anastasia's innovative approach and dedication to excellence continue to contribute significantly to the success and expansion of Growth Folks.

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