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Top 15 Employment Agencies in New York City (July 2024)

best nyc employment agencies

Getting noticed in New York City’s competitive job market can be streamlined by knowing the top 15 employment agencies. 

These agencies not only pair talent with opportunities but are tailored to specific sectors, enhancing your career search.

Our guide highlights:

  • Agency specialties: Discover agencies renowned for executive placements or quick temporary staffing, aligning with your career goals.
  • Industries served: Learn which agencies specialize in your sector, from tech to finance, optimizing your job prospects.
  • Clients and case studies: Understand the networks and reputations of these agencies through their partnerships with leading companies.

This article is your strategic tool for connecting with the best agencies in New York City, crafted to help you step confidently into your next career phase.

TL;DR: Best New York Employment Agencies

  1. Insight Global: Insight Global in NYC excels in matching professionals across various industries with personalized job opportunities, focusing on candidate-company cultural fit. Their services provide thorough support throughout the hiring process.
  2. TemPositions Group of Companies: TemPositions specializes in high-volume, on-demand staffing and direct hire placements across multiple sectors, utilizing advanced technology for efficient recruitment. They offer round-the-clock staffing solutions and are recognized for their award-winning service.
  3. Atrium Staffing: Atrium Staffing focuses on a candidate-first approach, offering personalized job matches and extensive support services across a wide range of industries. Their emphasis is on aligning career goals with market opportunities.
  4. Woods & Co: Woods & Co provides tailored recruitment solutions with a commitment to building long-term relationships. They offer 24/7 support and specialize in efficient, timely placements across several professional sectors.
  5. Reliable Staffing: Reliable Staffing offers comprehensive staffing services across New York City’s five boroughs, catering to industries such as healthcare and education. They are known for their flexible solutions, including temp-to-hire and direct hiring options.

List of the Top Employment Agencies in New York City

1. Insight Global

Website: https://insightglobal.com/

Insight Global is a prominent staffing agency based in New York, specialized in connecting job seekers with ideal opportunities across various industries. 

The agency stands out for its comprehensive approach to recruitment, offering personalized service and a commitment to understanding both client and candidate needs deeply. 

Users benefit from tailored job matches that consider not only qualifications but also cultural fit, and the agency provides extensive support throughout the recruitment process, enhancing both experience and outcomes for all parties involved.

Agency Specialties:

  • Staffing for temporary, contract, and permanent roles
  • Executive recruiting
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging consulting
  • Culture and leadership consulting

Industries Served: Administrative, Construction, Creative, Customer Service, Education, Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Financial Services, Legal

Clients Include: Santander, The Hope Depot, UnitedHealth Group, CVSHealth

Why Choose Them:

  • Extensive network across various industries
  • High-quality candidate matching
  • Quick and supportive recruitment process
  • Emphasis on cultural fit and comprehensive support

2. The TemPositions Group

Website: https://www.tempositions.com/

TemPositions Group of Companies, a distinguished staffing agency in New York City, excels in delivering specialized recruiting solutions across various sectors. 

Their standout feature is the use of in-house technology, enabling efficient staffing processes around the clock. 

Clients benefit from their ability to handle high-volume staffing and direct hire placements quickly, ensuring operational continuity and staff quality.

Agency Specialties:

  • Executive search
  • Direct hire
  • Temporary staffing
  • On-demand staffing
  • High volume staffing

Industries Served: Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Legal, Education, Executive Search, Hospitality, Health Care, Creative, Conventions & Events, General Office, School RN, Logistics

Why Choose Them:

  • Award-winning service recognized by Forbes
  • 24/7 live support
  • In-house technology for efficient placements
  • Extensive experience across multiple industries
  • Proven track record with major brands

3. Atrium

Website: https://www.atriumstaff.com/

Atrium Staffing, located in New York City, specializes in connecting candidates with their ideal jobs, leveraging extensive local market expertise. 

They distinguish themselves with a unique, applicant-centric approach that prioritizes the candidate’s experience and goals, aiming to align them with the right career opportunities. 

The benefits for users include personalized job recommendations and access to a wide range of supportive resources like professional coaching and salary guides, enhancing their job search and career development.

Agency Specialties:

  • Temporary staffing
  • Direct hire
  • Payrolling
  • Independent contractor compliance
  • Workforce management solutions

Industries Served: Administrative Support, Creative & Marketing, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Fashion & Lifestyle, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Real Estate, Scientific, Supply Chain, Operations & Logistics

Why Choose Them:

  • Applicant-centric focus
  • Wide industry coverage
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Proven expertise in the New York job market

4. Woods & Co

Website: https://www.woodsco.global/

Woods & Co is a New York City-based recruitment agency that excels in matching job vacancies with ideal candidates for both employers and job seekers. 

They are distinguished by their commitment to building lasting relationships based on success and their 24/7 client and candidate support, ensuring effective and efficient staffing solutions. 

Benefits for users include fast and reliable placement services and personalized attention to both client and candidate needs, facilitating smoother recruitment processes.

Agency Specialties:

  • Permanent placements
  • Temporary staffing
  • High-volume recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Contract recruitment

Industries Served: Sales, Customer Service, IT, Consumer Goods, Legal

Clients Include: Airrobe, Astrust, Agency Stack, zinc, Zafin

Why Choose Them:

  • 24/7 support
  • Personalized recruitment services
  • Proven track record in multiple industries
  • Focus on building lasting relationships
  • Efficient and timely placements

5. Reliable Staffing

Website: https://reliablestaffing.com/

Reliable Staffing, a full-service staffing agency in New York City, caters to various industries with a focus on providing top talent across the healthcare, industrial, accounting, educational, and call center sectors. 

They are noted for their expansive reach, offering staffing solutions throughout the five boroughs of New York City. 

Clients benefit from their diverse range of services that ensure flexible and reliable hiring solutions suited to both temporary and permanent staffing needs.

Agency Specialties:

  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Direct Hiring

Industries Served: Healthcare, Industrial, Accounting, Educational, Call Centers, IT

Why Choose Them:

  • Comprehensive coverage of multiple industries
  • Flexible staffing solutions including temp-to-hire and direct hiring
  • Extensive local presence in all five boroughs of New York City

6. Career Group Companies

Website: https://www.careergroupcompanies.com/

Career Group Companies is a prominent New York City-based staffing agency that excels in direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary placements across various industries.

The agency distinguishes itself with a unique umbrella structure that enhances specialization in recruiting across diverse fields while maintaining access to extensive networks, ensuring comprehensive staffing solutions.

Clients benefit from Career Group Companies’ tailored recruitment approach, which focuses on creating precise matches between candidates and companies, leading to enduring professional relationships and streamlined hiring processes.

Agency Specialties:

  • Executive Search
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Permanent Placement
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition

Industries Served: Administrative, Creative, Fashion, Executive, Event Staffing

Clients Include: STX Entertainment, Vault 49, Sequence

Why Choose Them:

  • Specialized divisions for targeted recruitment
  • Deep industry connections and expertise
  • High-touch, personalized service approach
  • Commitment to finding the perfect match

7. Lloyd Staffing

Website: https://www.lloydstaffing.com/

LLoyd Staffing is a New York City-based staffing agency renowned for connecting top-tier talent with dynamic companies across multiple sectors.

The agency’s standout feature is its strategic location in Manhattan, making it highly accessible for both job seekers and employers in the region, which is particularly advantageous for the rapidly growing technology and biotechnology sectors.

Job seekers enjoy benefits like extensive industry coverage and strategic location, offering a broad spectrum of opportunities and convenient access.

 Employers are provided with a robust selection of pre-vetted candidates, facilitating swift and efficient hiring processes.

Agency Specialties:

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Permanent Placement
  • Executive Search
  • Talent Management

Industries Served: Technology, Biotechnology, Finance, Healthcare, Creative Services, Construction

Why Choose Them:

  • Strategic NYC location for easy access and high visibility
  • Expertise in high-growth sectors like technology and biotechnology
  • Long-standing industry presence offering reliability and trust
  • Comprehensive service offerings from temp placements to executive searches

8. Robert Walters USA

Website: https://www.robertwalters.us/

Robert Walters is a leading staffing and employment agency in New York City, specializing in comprehensive recruitment services across various industries.

Their unique selling point lies in their deep understanding of local and global job markets combined with a personalized approach to recruitment, ensuring tailored solutions for both clients and candidates.

Clients benefit from Robert Walters’ expertise in connecting them with top talent, leveraging industry insights and a global network to meet specific hiring needs efficiently. Job seekers gain from personalized career guidance and access to premier job opportunities.

Agency Specialties:

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Executive Search
  • Contingent Workforce Solutions
  • Volume Recruitment
  • Market Intelligence

Industries Served: Financial Services, Technology, Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing

Why Choose Them:

  • Tailored recruitment strategies
  • Extensive global and local market knowledge
  • Personalized service with detailed candidate and client attention
  • Strong focus on career development and employer needs

9. Horizon Staffing Solutions

Website: https://www.horizonstaffingsolutions.com/

Horizon Staffing Solutions is a staffing agency located in Hicksville, New York, specializing in temporary and permanent job placements across a range of industries.

This agency sets itself apart with a rigorous candidate vetting process, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are matched with employers, enhancing both recruitment quality and satisfaction.

Clients gain access to a wide variety of job sectors and the convenience of both temporary and permanent staffing options, making it easier to find the right fit for their specific needs.

Agency Specialties:

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Executive Search
  • Staff Evaluation

Industries Served: Healthcare, Office Support, Industrial, Sales, Customer Service

Why Choose Them:

  • Comprehensive vetting process
  • Wide industry coverage
  • Flexible staffing solutions (temp, perm, exec)
  • Personalized service approach

10. 24 Seven Talent

Website: https://www.24seventalent.com/

24 Seven Talent is a dynamic recruitment agency in New York City, specializing in marketing and creative roles for both full-time and freelance professionals.

They stand out with a dedicated focus on creative industries such as fashion, beauty, and digital marketing, tailoring their services to meet the unique demands of these sectors.

Professionals benefit from their expansive network and deep industry expertise which facilitate optimal matches with top employers.

 This results in enhanced career development opportunities and streamlined recruitment processes for companies.

Agency Specialties:

  • Full-Time Recruitment
  • Freelance Placement
  • Executive Search
  • Career Consulting

Industries Served: Marketing, Creative, Digital, Fashion, Beauty

Why Choose Them:

  • Specialized focus on creative sectors
  • Comprehensive support for career advancement
  • Extensive network in dynamic industries
  • Tailored recruitment strategies for unique job roles

11. Hire Society

Website: https://hiresociety.com/

Hire Society is a premium staffing agency based in New York City that specializes in recruitment for domestic and corporate positions in luxury settings.

The agency excels by focusing exclusively on high-end placements, offering personalized service that ensures both clients and candidates receive top-tier, discreet, and tailored recruitment solutions.

Clients and candidates benefit from Hire Society’s stringent selection process and their commitment to a personalized match, ensuring long-term satisfaction and successful placements.

Agency Specialties:

  • Permanent Placement
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Executive Recruitment

Industries Served: Private Households, Executive Offices

Why Choose Them:

  • Specialization in luxury and high-end markets
  • Personalized, discreet service
  • Extensive vetting and matching process

12. HR Personnel Services

Website: https://hrpersonnelservices.com/

HR Personnel Services is a distinguished staffing agency in New York that specializes in comprehensive HR staffing and recruiting services across various industries.

What sets them apart is their specific focus on HR positions, leveraging a nationwide network to connect clients with top HR professionals efficiently and effectively.

Clients enjoy benefits such as access to a broad spectrum of industries, fast and cost-effective recruiting, and a specialized focus on human resources, ensuring the perfect fit for their staffing needs.

Agency Specialties:

  • Executive Search
  • Direct Hire
  • Temporary Staffing

Industries Served: Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Marketing

Clients Include: Baco Properties, MINN-DAK 

Why Choose Them:

  • Specialized in HR staffing
  • Nationwide network for broader reach
  • Fast and effective recruitment process

13. Atlantic Group

Website: https://atlanticrecruiters.com/

Atlantic Group is a staffing and recruitment agency based in New York City, offering targeted services across diverse industries including finance, healthcare, and technology.

Their distinctive approach combines deep industry expertise with a commitment to ethical business practices and personalized recruitment strategies, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Clients and candidates benefit from Atlantic Group’s strategic focus on business ethics and industry-specific knowledge, which fosters precise and effective staffing solutions.

Agency Specialties:

  • Executive Search
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Permanent Placement

Industries Served: Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Information Technology, Legal & Compliance, Real Estate & Construction

Why Choose Them:

  • Industry-specific recruitment expertise
  • Strong commitment to ethical practices
  • Personalized and strategic recruitment solutions

14. Motion Recruitment

Website: https://motionrecruitment.com/

Motion Recruitment is a New York City-based IT staffing agency, adept at filling mid-to-senior level positions across the tech industry.

They stand out for their deep integration within New York’s tech scene, providing quick placements and substantial career development resources to both job seekers and companies.

Candidates benefit from Motion’s robust placement services and the company’s proactive approach to career progression, ensuring access to significant opportunities in tech.

Agency Specialties:

  • IT Staffing
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Permanent Recruitment

Industries Served: Information Technology, Software Development

Clients Include: 

Check the agency’s case studies

Why Choose Them:

  • Strong focus on IT and tech industries
  • Rapid placement times
  • Extensive candidate support services

15. Tandym Group

Website: https://tandymgroup.com/

Tandym Group is a specialized recruitment agency in New York City focusing on sectors like healthcare, technology, life sciences, and professional services. 

They excel in matching companies with highly skilled candidates through a personalized, in-depth approach that caters to specific industry needs.

The agency distinguishes itself by prioritizing the development of extensive networks and offering individualized staffing solutions, ensuring a precise fit between job seekers and employers.

Benefits for clients and candidates include Tandym’s commitment to quality service and customized recruitment strategies, which are essential for achieving professional success and satisfaction in competitive fields.

Agency Specialties:

  • Executive Search
  • Direct Hire
  • Contract Placement

Industries Served: Healthcare, Technology, Life Sciences, Professional Services

Why Choose Them:

  • Specialized industry expertise
  • Personalized recruitment approach
  • Strong focus on client and candidate satisfaction


Selecting the right employment agency in New York City is pivotal. Each agency outlined in this guide brings a unique set of services, industry expertise, and client relationships. 

You have the insights necessary to choose a partner that aligns with your professional needs and aspirations.

These top 15 agencies demonstrate their capability through specialized services, robust client rosters, and tailored approaches. 

They ensure that whether you’re hiring or seeking to be hired, your goals are met with precision. 

Harness these resources, and move toward your career objectives with confidence.

 Each step forward is a step toward new opportunities.

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